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Tron Legacy Pinball

Having unboxed Tron and inviting a couple of keen pinheads around – Cheers Mike and Dave, We gave Tron a bash over a couple of beers.

Great soundtrack, gotta love Daft Punk. There are a couple of shots with the left upper flipper that need to be mastered to enable all of the game features. It’s a very fast playing game with some nice flowing shots.

The more I played, the more I really got into it, Much to my wifes unhappiness. Apparently there were things to do around the house over the weekend!

I’ll be locating it as soon as possible and will post it’s new location as soon as it’s confirmed

2 thoughts on “Tron Legacy Pinball”

  1. Hi Iain

    Hi-It’s Andy – ex-Chch.
    Hoping all is OK down there. I’m missing your machines. (espec. your SP, TZ and FG from FFNCs…Hope they’ve a new home).

    V. Jealous of your Tron:Legacy! (no sign of one up here…..we’ll probs get Rolling Stones :/ LOL).

    All the best, Andy

  2. I played Tron while over in France at Xmas time. There was one in my hotel. While not in very good condition, I enjoyed the game. Good looking PF and cabinet. Would come up really nice with some LED lamps and a bit of detailing!


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