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Things are slowly progressing after the city came to a stand still after the Feb 22nd Earthquake.

After a lot phone calls and visits to civil defence, access was granted to retrieve machines from two locations in the CBD.

Funk N Fish N Chips was the first place, The smell seaping between the wee gap in the front doors was not a good sign and was very overpowering when we managed to pry the doors open. A huge effort from Myself, Dave and my wife, plus a bit of help from the engineers got the job done in about 3 hours. 11 machines loaded onto my truck and into two furniture trailers and we were off. Amazed at the destruction within the cordoned off area.

C1 espresso was the second place later that week, collecting Addams Family and also helping Sam move his possesions.

That was on the 9th of June, so we narrowly escaped the June 13 6.3 earthquake. Rather pleased I wasn’t inside C1 when that one went off.

I had a few sad moments when driving out of the Red Zone for the last time, thinking of the two places that I had been in, thinking of the good times that once were and the state of the buildings when I last visited them.

Moving forward, Some replacement machines have arrived and some still on order.

Some titles are Super Street Fighter4 and Tron Legacy Pinball.

Locations for these are yet to be confirmed, Stay tuned.

1 thought on “Update”

  1. Jealous!!!!!!!! 🙂
    I’m now in AKL.

    I emailed TZ/ CoinCascade only y/day re. Tron Legacy.
    Was told they have one on order……not sure where it’ll go…..

    But…..(Yes? Yes?)

    We do have a……….

    Rolling Stones


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