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Pinball Tournament – Tron Legacy

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Pinball tournament has started on Tron Legacy Pinball at Kreation Milk Bar – 206 Barbadoes St.

Tournament runs though to closing on the 22nd May.

Progressive cash jackpot system adds money to the pot for each tournament game played. cost $2 to enter.

Beat your mates to take home the kitty.

1st Tournament has closed, with the person going by the name of JESUSSSSSS taking away $99

2nd Tournament has closed. This Tournament used a “Bump N Win” feature where there were 3 prize pools for 1st, 2nd 3rd.

Those places went to Hyde $40.20, Digsby $20.10 and Joe Blackwell $20.10

Stay tuned for the next tournament, for now try playing a regular game to boost your game strategy. Tron has 3 different multiball modes and they can all be achieved at the same time.

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